My Youtube Favorites – 1

This is the first installment of an on-going series I’d like to call “My Youtube Favorites”. I plan to periodically post one (or a few) of my youtube favorites here and share some of my thoughts about what makes each one so great.

To kick things off, I’ll start with one of my oldest favorites:

This is Ronald Jenkees absolutely killing a sweet freestyle improv on his keyboard. One of the things that makes Ronald so great is his impeccable phrasing on the keyboard. He can coax a lick out of a keyboard that would seem more at home on a guitar or other stringed instrument, were it not so perfectly executed on the keys. As a piano and guitar player myself, I’m blown away by the expression that Ronald packs into every run and trill.

While I’ve enjoyed every improv that Ronald has posted to his Youtube channel, I felt his first CD was a little too “clean”. That is, the music seems more emotional and impactful on a “live” Youtube video than it does when carefully produced for the CD. That being said, I’m still a big fan, and I’m glad I bought his first album.

Ronald is truly an exceptional talent, and he’s so fun to watch. Here’s another of my favorites:

I still remember seeing this one for the first time while I was in the midst of one of my toughest semesters at Auburn. I had traveled to Ohio for a cousin’s wedding and decided to check Youtube before going to bed. I was tired from the long car ride and my allergy to dogs was getting the best of me. As I waited for sleep to come, this tune just washed over me, calming my thoughts and bringing me joy.

Music always sounds best when I’m tired.