Today was a long day, getting up early to catch the flight to LA. The flight went smoothly despite departing a few minutes late. I arrived safely, found the shuttle, and got checked into my room. I’m pretty excited to be here, but also very tired. I managed to walk over a few blocks and get some groceries, but I’ll go out again tomorrow or the next day as well.

I had the window seat on the plane, and took some pictures to post, but I don’t have the USB cable for my camera, so I may not be able to post them until I get back (if they are any good ;-) I’ll look into getting a memory card tomorrow that I can use to take pictures and get them onto the site. There’s so much to see here!






2 responses to “ATL to LAX”

  1. "hippie dancer" Avatar
    “hippie dancer”

    [Subject: Good luck!] Hey buddy,
    I love you!! I am glad that you made it to L.A. safe and sound. Be good and be safe.

  2. Celia LS Avatar
    Celia LS

    [Subject: Great Heights] Pictures…of the beautiful sky? This pleases me. Go see message in facebook. :)