Feelin’ Good

On Thursday I went to take a nap at 5:30 PM and ended up sleeping until 3:00 AM. I then stayed up all through Friday, which was a tough day, as we did the scenes we’ve been working on all week at the Acting Corps. Last night I actually got some sleep, so today I’m feeling quite rested.

The scene went pretty well. My scene partner, Rufus, is amazing, and did an absolutely excellent job with his character. Apparently I wasn’t actually all that bad either (I did feel I could have done much better.) We did our scene once, and since our teacher had very little direction for us, that was it. I definitely see major room for improvement on my part, but that’s what we are here for :-)

This weekend I want to put acting out of my head and instead focus on just having fun. Just now I’m going to find out to a park in which to run, walk and work out a little bit. Monday, I plan on going to the downtown area, and hopefully in the next few days, go to the beach (Ben, you know what that means ;-).

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  1. wpw Avatar

    [Subject: okie doakie] Hop you get out to see some sights soon al work and no play makes for a Dull Boy!!

    Weather in AL is hot and sunny with some isolated storms….

    Did a 110 mile ride on the MS today…went to the top of Chea Mountain and back… losts of other scooter riders out and enjoying the ride.

    Be good now u here

  2. Lady Sugar Avatar
    Lady Sugar

    [Subject: Fun] (don’t listen to him, the weather out here is weather!)

    But I do agree: all work and no play makes for a dull boy…so go see something awesome! Take a picture of it, and then brag about it to all of your friends that are back in the AL (not that I’m jealous of your beaches and beautiful sunshine over in CA…what(?))
    Are the birds flyin’ high there?

  3. SteadyYeti Avatar

    [Subject: You BETTA] Hope you played hard! If you didn’t there is something wrong and I’m going to fix it. :P

  4. wpw Avatar

    [Subject: Glad u got out] Glad to hear u got out to see some sights…look forward to the next post….Can’t believe those commie bastards made you go to school on Memorial Day ! : )

    Another Great day in Bama….watered the grass and watched it grow….I was really energetic today so I put antoher car up on blocks in the front yard…have to keep up with the Hatfields…

    Larter Dude

  5. Ben Avatar

    [Subject: Hallo] Hallo!

  6. Brian Wallace Avatar
    Brian Wallace

    [Subject: uncle] Nate,
    loved looking at the LA photos and reading your remarks. were you riding a subway to the various destinations? glad to see the bike is still part of your story. the rebirth of Huffy in contemporary LA. looking forward to your overall impressions of LA– a hip place or the nowhere land of the american dream? how many casualties on hollywood blvd.
    acting sounds like hard work. great blog. keep the stories and photos coming.

  7. Ben Avatar

    [Subject: Pacific Ocean BEAR BLAST FINALE!!!!!!!!] DUde! i want to be there! :) those pictures are flippin awesome- fair tiding and good omens a laid for your days- jupiter and mars aligned so as to tell me this morning- evertything sounds really fantastic dude brotherman- and this bear blast- this 3000mi distance travel for The Bear Blast- most especially in the light of newfound knowledge and training most be the most epic bear blast photo known unto mankind thus far and forever more :)so have fun and live now brotherman, i’ll catch ya sometime soon!