First Day of Class

Today I had my first class at the Acting Corps. The class was good and I’m excited about the weeks to come.

I do have a cold, though, and last night I didn’t get much sleep due to sore throat, so I was pretty tired through the whole class. I hope I can get over this cold very quickly and start getting more out of my time here.

I left from class and slept the rest of the day, so I didn’t get my camera working, but I want to get it going tomorrow, as I’d like to start posting pictures.

Anyway, I’m tired, and writing a bunch of run-on sentences, so I’m going to sleep.

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3 Responses to First Day of Class

  1. wpw says:

    [Subject: stud] In LA the air quality is so bad that you get sore throats…is should go away quickly take the chewable vitamen Cs and ub cool now u here

  2. Brad says:

    [Subject: Holla] You rocked and rolled and said a girl had wonderful breasts on day one

  3. BEnJackxononononandonalittlemore says:

    [Subject: yes] FREEDOM, FREEDOM, FREEDOM,YEH FREEDOM,FREEDOM, FREEDOM OH FREEDOM OHHHH…- a thought provoking quote of the day from Richie Havens at Woodstock 69′
    futher verbal experiences will be shared upon arrival, so sit back, relax,and please note the emergency exits to the right and the left of the screen, and remember to always fly towards the buzzing lightz,zz,z- thank you and visit again soon :)

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