You might have noticed that the logo in the top left-hand corner of the page has changed.

The little guy in my logo is a fiyapop. Fiyapops are industrious characters who hold interesting jobs such as:

Trumpet Playa!
Trumpet Playa!

Radio D-Jay!
Radio D-Jay!

House Painta!
House Painta!

Go-Kart Race-a!
Go-Kart Race-a!

I created these guys one day after a conversation with my good friend Ben. I forgot what we were talking about, but I saw the character in my mind, and drew it a piece of notebook paper in pen. I kept adding to the drawing, and have since spent some doodling these little guys. I’ve decided they’re a part of my “personal brand” here on the site. I plan on incorporating them into future designs of the site, and posting more characters here.

The guy currently in the logo is House Painta!, just without his brush.





4 responses to “Fiyapops”

  1. kathleen Avatar

    [Subject: coolo, bosso, neato!] love the figures. great imagination! grandma said “what kind of haircut is that???” keep livin the fun life. go nathan, go!!!

    a. k’leen and the big g

  2. LS-Dresden Dolls Fan(atic) Avatar
    LS-Dresden Dolls Fan(atic)

    [Subject: “No, Virginia”] I didn’t know the best way to contact you…I’m taking a safe guess and counting on the fact that you check your comments here.

    I went out today and got the new Dresden Dolls CD “No, Virginia”. It is fantastic. There is a lot more going on with the music–switching keys and whatnot. It’s good. I havent gotten the chance to get into the whole thing yet, but you definitely have to give it a listen sometime.


    just thought you should know.

  3. kels Avatar

    [Subject: Heya] Heya —

    I’ve bookmarked it… I want more updates haha :)

  4. Ben Avatar

    [Subject: yeh! pshh- you need to call me :)] hey yo- how you be? i been a tryin ta call ya- but i hope youre doin great- those acting camp pics are perty awesome yo- ima a likin the energy man- anywho- party on and take care get rest and get up here soon bro :)