Today was a good day. I woke up in time to eat breakfast (a bowl of Cinnamon Toast crunch which I bought yesterday,) and then walked about 2 miles to Mass (at St. Patrick’s parish.) Mass was good, and different. There were no missals in the church; instead, all lyrics and responses were projected on a screen at the front of the church. I was surprised to find that there were only two masses on Sunday, at I was, until I got there and realized that there are only three English masses on Sunday, but there are 5 Spanish masses! I think I should go to at least one Spanish mass while I’m here.

After mass, I went looking for the Acting Corps, which I found after a short detour (thanks to Dad for getting me the right directions after I went too far!) I met one of staff members at the Acting Corps named Aaron. He was super nice, and helped me get directions to K-Mart (5 miles away!) I walked to that K-Mart later in the day and bought a cheap bicycle that will make it so much easier to get to class (it would be a 30 minute walk otherwise!) The bike is a bit of a clunker, but quite better than walking. Score 1 for cheap bikes!

I’m exhausted now and have class in the morning. I’m going to wrap this post up with no proofreading, so enjoy the typos!

P.S. I worked some more on the site. If the comments don’t work, e-mail me! Otherwise, they should now have a feature wherein your post text will be saved even if you type the picture text in incorrectly. In that case, you will be kicked back to the reply form and all information you typed in (your name, comment title, comment body) will be in the form, ready to submit, as soon as you input the missing fields (or type the captcha correctly!)






4 responses to “Liberation”

  1. LS Avatar

    [Subject: Testing] Of course, I want to test out your new features.

    Also, you should definitely go to a Spanish mass. I think it would be so interesting!

  2. bill w Avatar
    bill w

    [Subject: you know] Got up and ran 3 miles this am…glad to see you found time to post even though you were tired.

    Hope today is a great day for you,,…enjoy the passage of time : )

    later dude

  3. Ben Jackson Avatar
    Ben Jackson

    [Subject: Hallo!] DUde! hope you found everything and and commence fiercly rocking every folicle of that acting schools body! la sounds perty rad bro, im really excited for you and wanna know how this goes man- do you have any idea how difficult it is to put new strings on a floationg tremelo system- somebody told me the trick, but it is too late to work that, so somebody else is workin on it now- and poor Silas’s friend nearly blew his house up, butd otherwise life is good, the factory people will hopefully call me sometime this week, but stay in touch and keep me posted, im always interested (i guess it will be on yo blog, plog elog o fog pshhka takataka bow woa- all great posts end with skat somehow incorporated) oh and don’t forget to tell me bout the band stuff and roomie situation :) good luck and best wishes.

    my address is 112 amanda dr, maryville TN 37801, but you dont have to send me anything, just rock out with your, well maybe not that, but i mean… whatever it takes to find your dream and be successful over there :) you know what ima sayin, party on friend and God Bless

  4. Hippie Dancer Avatar
    Hippie Dancer

    [Subject: (none)] I’m glad you are getting things done there in L.A.! We don’t want that city thinking you’re a slacker now do we?

    I have actually been quite busy here. I am going to be riding Maika for Eric in a show on Saturday so I have been riding a lot to get back into shape… hopefully I’ll do well at the show.

    I am also working on organizing our high school reunion… we’ll see how that turns out.

    Love ya! and be good!