Model Material

I went to Mass on Sunday at St. Patrick’s again, and as I was leaving, I was approached by this lady who asked if I had three hours to spare in the afternoon, “for a modeling job. You see, I need a white guy, and you’re whi–you have that light-skinned complexion.” I really was the only white guy at Mass my age, but it was still funny that she was so up-front about it. I told her I had plans (I did,) but she persisted, mentioning she was willing to pay $50 for the afternoon. I turned her down anyway. Maybe I should have taken the job, but making friends is more important than getting paid now.

The plans I had were to hang out with this random group of people I met at McDonald’s who are from a local church. As it happens, they didn’t return my call, but that’s cool. I ended up getting some work done on my website, going to the Sunday evening Daily Acting Workout, and meeting the newest person staying here at the Chateau. His name is Jack, and he had just gotten in on a flight from London. He’s a hip-hop dancer, and is here to study dance. I hope I can hang out with him sometime and learn a few new moves.

The work at the Acting Corps is picking up and becoming a lot more interesting. On Friday and today (Monday,) we had our scene study class. All the exercises we’ve been doing during the week come together as we work on putting a cohesive scene together. We were given a scene to work on over the weekend, and we each performed our scenes in class today.

My partner and I worked hard on our scene, and I feel we received a great compliment from our teacher. We did our scene, and when we finished, she just nodded and said, “It was interesting. I just watched two people have a life on stage.” We did the scene just once more after refining our character’s objectives, and I feel we did a satisfactory job.

I’m finding the work of acting to be quite challenging. Our scene was perhaps 2 minutes long when we performed it, but we spent about 2 hours rehearsing it. Even then, I see vast room for improvement. Although I am pleased that the teacher found our work to be satisfactory, I still feel I have so much to learn. I’ll just be keeping my nose to the grindstone!






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  1. Lady Sugar Avatar
    Lady Sugar

    [Subject: Persistence] Well, you are out there to learn, I’m glad that your classes are picking up. And I love that you got randomly approached. It’s so thrilling that you are in California!

  2. wpw Avatar

    [Subject: uno] I would have taken the 50 bucks but thats becasue I am cheap and work cheap….you go nate!!!!