Weekend Plans

Today I was restless staying at the house, so I took the train downtown. I walked around a bit and grabbed a slice of pizza, then headed back to North Hollywood to go to Mass. I went to the Saturday Vigil Mass today because tomorrow I plan on going to the beach in the morning. Also, I chose to go the Spanish Mass, which was good practice for when I’ll be in Mexico.

Just a quick update, thanks for all the comments guys :-D

P.S. The time zone difference means that even though I’ve posted this on Saturday night, it shows up as a Sunday post.

P.P.S. I’m still working on a piece of the site which will allow me to write comments which will be highlighted as being from me. This is to avoid anybody from writing a comment as “nathanbw” pretending to be me. When finished, any comment I write will either have a tag on it, or be highlighted in a different color. Just a heads up that until it’s finished, I’ll be slow to respond to individual comments :-D






3 responses to “Weekend Plans”

  1. wpw Avatar

    [Subject: Selling] Nate I like this blog when you get it the way you like can you sell me a copy so i can do a blog similar….I would need a site to host it though….

  2. Celia Avatar

    [Subject: . . . ] You are welcome for the comments. Thank you for the blogs!!

  3. wallacek Avatar

    [Subject: Hey-a] Love it so far; it’s enjoyable commenting hehe

    I feel like we haven’t talked in ages b/c I keep finding out these new things about you — like how you are going to Mexico! Awesome :) I’ll keep reading b/c I have catching up to do