Back in Auburn

I got back to Auburn last week, and from the outside perspective, I believe my life got a lot more boring, hence the lack of updates ;-)

I’ve been spending my time cleaning my apartment and getting ready for a few days travel before my trip to Mexico. I’ll be leaving for Mexico on the 29th of June, but before I go, I want to visit friends and family in northern Alabama and Tennessee, so I’ll be driving up there sometime this week.

I have a few more pictures from my last few days in Hollywood. I should be uploading them soon. For now, getting my apartment in order has had the highest priority in my TODO list :-)






2 responses to “Back in Auburn”

  1. hippie dancer Avatar
    hippie dancer

    [Subject: Lonely Pines Rock!!!] Hey buddy, I wanted all your readers to know that when you came up to visit your beloved sister, you got the chance to see the greatest band evar!! Lonely Pines rock!!!
    I hope you had a great time hanging out and listening to the music. I’m glad you came. I sure had fun… especially with the taking of the lewd photos… hmmm, WHAT?! I sure don’t know… random text messagers are fun to mess with!

  2. wpw Avatar

    [Subject: u know it] Hey Nate …

    How is the Mexicolife ….Write soon let us know u made it…read Megan’s blog…near death experience our now weekly events….