The Acting Corps

Here’s a picture I took of the Acting Corps, where I’ve been in class every weekday for the past month:

Here are all the talented people who were in my class. I love you guys!
Left to right:
(Top Row: Mary, Brad, Rufus, Brenton, Me)
(Middle Row: Candice, Megan, Menno, Rachel)
(Bottom Row: Ghaea, Mike, Crystal, Svetlana, Casey)

Here’s my Technique teacher, Adrian. He’s officially awesome. You heard it here first.

Friday was our last day of class, and I’m surprised how close I feel to everyone here after only a month. It’s been a wonderful experience. I miss everybody already!

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  1. wpw says:

    [Subject: call home et] no pics

  2. wpw says:

    [Subject: Congrats!!] You did a great Jorb (coach Z) in LA…I b proud of u….Look forward 2 C ing u soon

    Hope you had a fun day 2 day


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