I arrived safely in Mexico, and I am taking classes 8 hours a day. The classes are good, but I am very tired. I’m hoping I’ll have more energy and time to write next week or the week after.

This week I was placed into one more class than I was planning on taking, and so I have class from 8 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon. Luckily, I figured out that one of my classes is optional, and therefore had a few minutes to write here and hopefully eat. (Otherwise, there is no lunch break, just quick snack breaks throughout the day.)

I expected the first few days to be difficult, but they have been more difficult than I imagined due to not getting enough sleep and not eating enough. I am hoping I can get into a schedule soon. It’s possible that next week I’ll have only the 3 classes I was expecting, so I will have more time to take of myself.






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  1. ben Avatar

    [Subject: title, tlite,litte,ettli,tltie,titel,eltit,…] dude! party on and hang on- you’ll get into a rythem soon enought- aint no thing bro :) and just think, once you are in rythme of sorts, the fertile grounds you tread this very instant are laiden with untold opportunity to meet those exquisitely beautiful spanish women that have haunted your psyche for so long- sporadic thought that could explain why driving had been so difficult why you were here- i just got back from the optometrist- and my right eye is seeing better, but my left is much worse, so i have some varying degrees of double vision- but ima gettin some glasses so we should be safe ;) but i hope your doin wonderfully- your in my prayers-take care bro

  2. Lady Sugar Avatar
    Lady Sugar

    [Subject: TGYP] Thank God You Posted! ! After our eventful evening (after leaving you to the plane), we had some seriously crazy adventures (i’m sure youve heard). So I go home to check out the weather and see a burning plane story…and flipped my lid.
    It wasn’t you.
    I’m so glad to see you posted; it’s made a good day even better. Anyways, I’m sure once you get through the traveling lag, and get a little more settled in your routines and the place, you will do better. I always love to see your blogs, but school and gettin down in another country come first. I’ll go take a nap and send my sleep-energy across to you.
    (it’s late and I ramble, laugh and be heartened).

  3. Kelsey Avatar

    [Subject: Howdy :)] Heya — I haven’t been checking after you had a lull; shame on me :) Gotta do a little catching up right now hehehe