Poco a poco

The days here have gotten a little easier. I talked with my professor and now I am down to 6 hours of class a day. It’s still a long day, but it’s much better than before. I now know to be more careful to get enough sleep.

My days are pretty busy. I get up at about 6:45 and eat a little breakfast at 7:00, then I take the taxi to school at about 7:30. Classes start at 8:00AM and run until 2:00PM Monday through Friday. After class, I eat a HUGE lunch which my family prepares (but which is sometimes prepared by a cook hired by the family.) After lunch, I usually get out of the house for a little bit. Today, for instance, I went to the Centro (the center of town) in Cuernavaca and walked around with my friend Emiliano (I’m not sure if I am spelling his name right.) After getting a little site-seeing in, I usually take a shower and work on my homework until dinner (which is at about 8:30 PM.) I’ve been trying to get to bed immediately after dinner to catch the most sleep.

So that is pretty much my day (so interesting, I know!) I haven’t been taking too many pictures, because I don’t have a way to get them onto a computer right now. I will probably take some in the next few weeks so I can post them when I get back.

Tomorrow, I am going on a class trip to Mexico City. I am pretty excited to spend more time with the group I came with, because so far, I’ve only gotten to know one person from my group (The house I am living in houses a lot of students, but most are independant students, and not part of my group.)

There are weekly tests in my classes, and Friday is the test day. I took my first test today, and I feel O.K. about it, but I definitely see where I could improve. The test was covering the differences of use between the preterite and imperfect tenses in Spanish. While I understand the material pretty well, I didn’t study enough this week to do as well as I could have. In the coming weeks, I hope to be a little more on the ball and get my homework done early so I have more time to study.

P.S. Happy 4th of July! Today at school we had a little party with hot dogs and soda and we sang the national anthem. Nothing beats being home, though ;-) Celebrate extra for me.






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  1. Lady Sugar Avatar
    Lady Sugar

    [Subject: Fourth of July] I thought about you today, since you are out of the country on its “birthday”. I did celebrate for you by playing a killer game of frisbee and rapping in the streets of Jacksonville. Anyways, I hope that you get into the groove of school down there and have a rockin’ time. I’m sure you are doing great!

  2. hippie dancer Avatar
    hippie dancer

    [Subject: Belatedly: Happy Fourth!] Hey buddy! I celebrated a little extra for you.
    Good luck on your classes. Sounds like you have quite the busy day. How many students are living in the house with you? What is the family like?
    I’ve been busy moving and cleaning here. I am also reading a book on the Allman Brothers Band. It is really good. I think I might read it again after I finish it!
    I look forward to seeing you soon… when do you come home anyway?

  3. ben Avatar

    [Subject: hey yo! :)] well howdy! sounds like stuff is a happin perty good- im glad to hear it- keep on rockin and best luck- ima lookin forward to hearin about stuff when ya get back around :) party on bro!

  4. ben Avatar

    [Subject: title] this message is crossing both time and space across an nearly infinite hyperspace media searching and surpassing multitudes of complex interactions built on the works histories most brilliant and hardworking scientists and mathematicians simply so i can give you this one, singular message…… like,Whaz happnin bro? :)

  5. ben Avatar

    [Subject: title] yeh!

  6. ben Avatar

    [Subject: title] so there!

  7. Kelsey Avatar

    [Subject: Mmm….] Mmm… for home cooked meals. Those two topics on your test? Yeah… I remember being introduced to them in Spanish 2 at UF… and dying lol

    hope the studying/sleeping goes well!