Sobre eso….

With 9 more days to remain in the country, I am finding Mexico to be a really cool place.

Last week I changed families because my first family was never around to talk (which I now realize played a major role in my initial culture-shock woes.) You know how they say you don’t know a good thing until it’s gone? Well, you don’t know a good thing until you get it. My new family is awesome.

Reina, mi Mamá, is wonderful. She is very helpful and talkative (which is a super good thing since I am here to learn the language.) She is always around, helps me with my homework, and takes care of me and the three other students here from the US. I am always chatting with her, listening and telling stories to her.

I now have three Mexican brothers, who are all very cool.

One, the oldest, is a fantastic guitar player, and plays in three bands (2 rock bands and a dance band.)

Felipe, the middle one, is very funny and always cracking jokes. He is always making fun of us crazy students.

Roberto, the youngest, is pretty quiet, and plays American football. He has two practices a day, so I don’t see him much, but he’s cool. The whole family is very helpful and generous.

There are 3 students from the US besides me here: Zadok (from Kenya by way of Iowa,) Jeremy (from Iowa,) and Jade (the newest student, my roommate, from Vegas by way of Utah.)

Zadok and Jeremy went to Aculpoco this last week, and Jeremy got majorly pwned by the ocean. There had been warnings that the beach was dangerous, but he went swimming anyway. He was standing in water about a foot deep when a wave about 10 feet high pummeled him into the sand. He’s okay, but he had to go to the doctor for a sprained and cracked shoulder.

I am going to Aculpoco next weekend, but I plan on playing it safe. I will be dancing with the chicas in the clubs, and will restrict my swimming to the piscinas unless the ocean is tame.

Last weekend, we went to Teotihuacán. If you ever get a chance to go, it is amazing. The pyramids there are about 2000 years old! The tallest one uncovered is La Pirámide del Sol, and I climbed to the top of it. I got a lot of pictures there, which I plan on posting later (the pictures are on my friend’s camera because I forgot to bring mine.)

We spent about 2 hours on top of the pyramid, and it was exhilirating. As I walked around, I tried to imagine what Teotihuacán must have looked like when the city was new. It is simply awesome how the structures have survived the time.

I have 4 more days of classes, after which I go to Aculpoco for three days. I am scheduled to return to the US on July 30th.






2 responses to “Sobre eso….”

  1. wewe Avatar

    [Subject: gone2] sounds fun glad ur new fam is better

  2. Kelsey Avatar

    [Subject: Wow!] First off — wow at your friend being pummeled and beat up by the ocean. lol that is seriously insane.

    That’s neat about the pyramid visit; I’ll be looking for the pictures. Sounds like your new family was much more suited to you.

    You will be in the US tomorrow hehe… but oh well, I’m catching up. Hopefully the rest of the time went well!