Today I got my hair cut, and since I thought it looked good, I took a picture of it:


I took this picture right before I got on my bike for the ride home. I also decided to take the opportunity to get pictures of my bike before I rode home. I got some interesting looks from people as I walked across the parking lot, put my bag down next to my bike, pulled out a camera, and proceeded to take pictures of myself and my bike, which was parked right in front of the Carl’s Jr.. Note that at the time of the pictures, the bike was still locked up, so nobody necessarily knew that it was mine. I glanced over in the middle of taking these shots to see a look of curiosity from one of the workers on break who poked her head around the corner. I wonder if she thought my K-Mart Huffy was some sort of rare collector’s item that strangers would stop next to it and start taking pictures of it. After I went, I bet all she thought was, “Weirdo.”


See my reflection in those shiny chrome fenders? STYLING!

Notice the coaster brake on the back wheel – I thought I was done with those when I got my first 10 speed!


Classic Huffy style ;-)





8 responses to “Weirdo”

  1. LS Avatar

    [Subject: Bicycle] Your bike is cute like your face.

    (which is good)

    Maybe you’ll start a trend and everyone in LA will be riding around on Huffy bikes (huffies?) taking pictures of their reflections.

  2. wpw Avatar

    [Subject: yeah] U B Stylan Man

    Great photos you could be a photographer : )

    Have a geat day

  3. ben Avatar

    [Subject: pshhh screw titles] Hey you- nice with the hair cut, i mean when the other sister see that that cannot lie, and even thier sisters cant deny, when that Nathan walks in with his- well anyway all im sayin man :)is good luck and work down in LA town like the worlds best clown with an anti frown and a big sownd that takes down opposition like it got no ammunition and cuts through dispostion with the primary positions, just kicken into success past all the excess and nothin but peace love and the word to profess!!! Motherfucker! yeh! ( i really dont remember what disposition means so, yeh, it rhymes)

  4. "hippie dancer" Avatar
    “hippie dancer”

    [Subject: (again, none)] So, yeah, I’m mostly just a lurker here… kinda makes you feel special, huh? It’s all official! Your website has lurkers… oh, wait… I’m officially not lurking anymore once I’ve begun posting, hmmm.
    Oh, well.
    Have fun showing off your new hair cut!

  5. brian wallace Avatar
    brian wallace

    [Subject: proprietor] Nate,
    hair cut looks great.
    loved the photos of the bike. gives huffy a good name to be photographed in such a way.
    i’m enjoying the blog and hope to learn something of the LA acting scene from your work.
    when i was in california, i noticed that people spoke the same language but the words had different meanings, or perhaps the meanings didn’t connect the same way they did back east, or simply california was a foreign country, the land of casual and surface though not to be trifled with. a strange space between the words. could be the light out there or maybe it was just me.
    hope you decipher the language and enjoy the experience.

  6. wpw Avatar

    [Subject: Gonzo] What up u dear?

    Glad all is going better…talk to ya soon

  7. Vincent Bwne Avatar
    Vincent Bwne

    [Subject: SWEETBIKE] Dude thats a sweet bike. thats all i got to say. Can you bonny hop it? Do a Wheelie

  8. Keith Friedlein Avatar
    Keith Friedlein

    [Subject: Oh Hollywood….] Hollywood is such a strange place. I think you got lucky when it comes to street performers though. The times I was there I had a man in a pimp suit selling fliers about the end of the world, some idiots trying to rap, (and this takes the cake on disturbing) a man wearing nothing but lots of bling and a banana hammock…no joke, sadly. So I really hope you manage to have a good time and not run into any of those people.