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  • Out on the town

    This Sunday and Monday, I finally made it out to see some of the tourist spots. Sunday, I took the Metro to the Hollywood Blvd/Highland Ave stop. As I was riding the escalator to street level, I heard loud music playing. Turns out a local B-Boy crew was laying it down on the Walk of…

  • Weirdo

    Today I got my hair cut, and since I thought it looked good, I took a picture of it: I took this picture right before I got on my bike for the ride home. I also decided to take the opportunity to get pictures of my bike before I rode home. I got some interesting…

  • Pictures

    I finally made it to the store and got a memory card for my camera. Here are the pictures I took on my flight to LA: I plan on taking more pictures in the day to come. I’m still getting over this freakin’ cold which is making me tired.